Subscription Details

IB Chemistry Online is available by subscription as an online text viewable using Windows or Mac OS; or as an unrestricted, copyright-authorised printable version.

Subscription for Online Use

Online subscription is available as a single-user or a multiple-user version for use by educators and students alike. Subscription is through a one-off, non-recurring payment that enablers the subscriber to access IB Chemistry Online for a period of one year. Access is password protected.

Single-user subscription entitles the subscriber to access all areas of IB Chemistry Online, including the marks’ schemes for end-of-topic questions. The subscriber can log in at one computer at a time. Although there is a log out facility for idle use, the subscriber is advised to log out at the end of their session so that they may access IB Chemistry Online via another computer at a different location.

Multiple-user subscription is available for small and large groups. A lead user, for example the educator, is identified and this person has access to the marks’ schemes. Other group members share the same login details as each other, which do not permit them to access the marks’ schemes. This allows educators to set end-of-topic questions as an assignment.

The maximum group size is determined by the number computers logged in with the same details at any one time.

Subscription for Printable Version

Subscription to the printable version entitles the subscriber to make unlimited copies of individual pages, topics and marks’ schemes for a period of one year following subscription. Please not that downloading or printing pages is not possible through an online subscription.