Using IB Chemistry Online

The Reader Application

At nearly 50 Mb, IB Chemistry Online has a lot of information. So that you may access the book speedily, topics are downloaded to your hard drive. The topics can then be read using IB Chemistry Online’s Reader Application. The Reader Application uses Microsoft Silverlight, which runs on Windows PCs and on Macs. Please note that Microsoft Silverlight is not supported on tablets.

Reading the Book

In order to read IB Chemistry Online you must:

  • be subscribed to IB Chemistry Online.
  • have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer. To install Silverlight, either:
    1. Click on the following link; or
    2. Go to the “To the Book” tab, and follow the instructions.
Logging In and Out

You must be online to log in and remain logged in for the period that you are reading the book. Going offline will log you out of the book. In this case, you will need to provide your login details again.

You can log out either by:

  • clicking the “log out” button, or
  • closing the browser or browser tab (in this case, you will need to wait one minute before being able to log in on a different computer).

There is also an automatic log out facility on IB Chemistry Online. You will be logged out if you do not use the site for 20 minutes. So if you forget to log out at school, you will still be able to log in later at home.

Getting Started

After subscribing to IB Chemistry Online, you will need to:

  1. Input your login and password details.
  2. Enable Silverlight to allocate space for the topics on your hard drive. You will see the following message: Press Yes.