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An Innovative Approach

IB Chemistry Online is the first online textbook for students and educators of chemistry in the International Baccalaureate programme. Offering comprehensive coverage of all topics and options at both standard and higher level, IB Chemistry Online is a textbook with a difference: a truly versatile resource for use in the classroom, in study areas or through your own PC or Mac at home – in fact anywhere there is internet access.

Written by an experienced IB teacher, IB Chemistry Online is a cost-effective and paper-saving solution for all. It is a readable, thorough and valuable resource for learners and teachers alike, whether as a stand-alone text or as a compliment to other printed texts.

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A Traditional Method

Scroll over the molecule to find more details about the principles and practice underpinning IB Chemistry Online.

Principles – Skills
  • Uniquely accessible text that recognises students start course with wide range of backgrounds and motivations for studying chemistry in the IB programme
  • Carefully selected use of language and engaging style enables students to understand fundamentals of subject and build up vocabulary
  • Helps students develop “science toolkit”: thinking skills, making observations and deductions; understanding the quality and value of evidence and questioning how we “know” – making those essential links to Theory of Knowledge
Principles – Progress
  • Text builds on core concepts which are reviewed at regular intervals so that students see the “big picture” and not a jumble of unrelated facts to memorise
  • Identifies key concepts and idea threads that so that students see more clearly how new knowledge builds on past
  • Regular practice of principles helps students apply knowledge and gain full credit for understanding in final exam
Principles – Method
  • Text begins from elementary principles and provides structured approach through the syllabus
  • Problem-solving approach with up-to-date examples so that students can see the wider implications of chemistry in our society and environment
  • Offers hints and advice to students about what the examiners really want
Principles – Knowledge
  • Over 750 pages providing in-depth coverage of all topics and options at standard and higher level
  • Focuses on specific requirements of IB Chemistry programme; follows syllabus topic by topic, consolidating knowledge and understanding
  • Encourages students to further their understanding without ever complicating the subject
Practice – Clarify

Text includes innovative Study Hints boxes that:
  • highlight common misconceptions and pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • offer hints to help students tackle, understand and remember key concepts
  • provide tips on how to approach exam questions to help boost exam performance
Practice – Illuminate

Nearly 100 clickable hyperlinks embedded in the text to some of the best, most informative sites on the web, including:
  • videos that help clarify theoretical ideas, demonstrate key concepts and reveal the industrial and environmental reality of “big” chemistry
  • complimentary websites that detail ideas and offer alternative approaches to difficult topics
Practice – Check

Text includes nearly 200 Checkpoint questions and worked examples, each with model answers, to test students' progress and question-answering ability
Practice – Test
  • A total of over 200 multiple-choice and 100 structured (short-answer and extended-response) questions follow each topic
  • No tired old past paper questions: each question is new and written for the IB syllabus, providing a vast question bank for testing students’ abilities
  • A password-protected marks' scheme is supplied


IB Chemistry Online is available on subscription at a fraction of the cost and weight of a printed textbook:

  • A single-user subscription gives you online coverage of all topics and options, including hundreds of practice questions and study hints, as well as the marks’ schemes for all end-of-topic questions.
  • A group subscription is the ideal money-saving option for teaching groups of all sizes, or for groups of friends studying IB Chemistry.
  • A printable subscription that allows you to print out all the pages of IB Chemistry Online as and when you need them.

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